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Corporate Awards Programs

From Main Street to Wall Street, Personalized Awards works with companies and organizations of all sizes. We help create recognition programs that fit your style, culture, and budget.

Award and recognition programs vary considerably. Some companies recognize employees each month, while others give employee awards on a quarterly basis. Yet, other companies host a big award celebration and distribute all awards at that single event. There is no right or wrong way to recognize your staff, just make sure that you are recognizing them!


To create a successful award & recognition program for your company, we start by listening. We like to learn about your company’s history, present operations, and future goals. We ask about company size, culture, and values. From there we work to outline the program by creating award categories with specific award names. Together, we determine what is an appropriate frequency for each award type and what is the criteria that will be used to decide the winner.


After we’ve created an outline for the program, we start looking for the perfect award products. We present various options that would fit the personality of your company including the option to create a completely custom award piece. We ask that you discuss the options amongst your team to help us narrow down the types of product and the specific style. With your feedback, we present a final selection of award styles that fit your budget and preferences. From there, your team will review the personalized award options and make a final decision!


With a recognition program in place and award styles picked out, the last step is to implement your program and start recognizing your staff! We continue to work with you moving forward to make sure your awards are ready to go for each recognition period.

We sincerely look forward to working with you and your company to create an impactful award and recognition program.